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1984-1986 Nissan 300ZX / Maxima Alternator swap. Click any picture to see an enlarged view. First, go to the local parts place and buy an alternator for the 1989 - 1992 Nissan Maxima. They run anywhere from $125 to $250. Buy one that has a lifetime warrenty. A 95-amp 3G swap to 130-amp 3G is plug-and-run. Use 4AWG (or larger) charge cable/grounds and MEGA fuse when upgrading to a 130amp or. The popular Ford 3G Alternator conversion just got easier. The Painless 3G kit takes the parts chase away from this ever growing charging system upgrade. Until now, pigtails, large gauge charge wire, and a heavy duty inline fuse have all had to be sourced individually. This kit comes with both alternator connectors pre-installed, 8' of large. Voltage regulator to alternator Wiring Harness 68 Ford Mustang 302 with tach. $51.00. Free Shipping! ... I was reading about the swap to a delco 3 wire setup. was at the salvage yard ... 140 amp delco remy that was manufactured in march of 2012. so, for $18.00 I figured what the hell. One Wire Ford Mustang 3g Small Body Alternator 1965 66 67 69. 3,707 Feb 28, 2014 #2 BC Broncos has a very good wire diagram for the upgrade. Clear and straight forward. Taurus and 94-95 5.0L Mustangs are good sources for 3G. You will get rid of some wiring and your External Regulator in the engine compartment which will clean it up a little. Very good upgrade will a little effort and time. KyleQ Bronco Guru. We believe the 3G is the superior alternator, but the 4G series comes in several unique mounting styles which aren't compatible with 3G series alternators Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model By using the proper size alternator, you can tip the balance of power in your favor and create a horsepower gain By using the proper size. Early Ford Bronco130 amp 3G Alternator. This upgrade is literally the best upgrade you can do to your early bronco in about 30 minutes time! Best part is you wont have to worry if you want off-road lights, a nicer stereo or upgrading to fuel injection- this has it all covered!!! SKU: 005. Category: Conversion Early Bronco Parts, Engine. Fords 3G alternator was a giant leap in technology and quality. Ford trucks starting using the 3G in the 1992 F-150. The 3G was internally regulated, used two internal cooling fans, sealed bearings, and had a superior battery stud. The 3G's were more efficient, and produced more amperage at idle than any of its predecessors.

Topic: 3G alternator swap (Read 2262 times) previous topic - next topic. Haystack Hero Member; Posts: 9,346; Joined: Oct 17, 2004; Logged; 190+ k commuter car; 3G alternator swap Reply #15 – June 10, 2009, 10:49:01 PM. I would use a set of jumper cables ran together. You can pick them up for around $20 usually, and there around 6 gauge. ok so i know what vehicle i need the alternator from. but i need to know if its a direct swap. cause my alternator took the dive tonight on the way home from work. and im gonna go ahead and do the swap hopefully tommorrow. if its more difficult then pluging in and unplugging then im just gonna. Got what I thought was going to be the hard part done pulley swap and mounting all fine 5kg 33lbs/15kg 18 - Free download as PDF File ( com web site Conventional External Single Fan Conventional External Single Fan. ... Scout 80 with alternator circuit diagram 106kb Delco Remy Voltage Regulator 28SI 10527709 Mounting Options: Pad, & Delco Remy. Simply disconnect the battery, drive belt, remove the wiring from the old alternator, and remove the bolts that secure the 1G alternator. Install the 3G using the original lower (long) bolt and at the tab, either a metric bolt, or if you chose to re-thread the tab, the original 3/8"-18 bolt. Wiring. Search: Delco Remy 28si Wiring Diagram. Toyota Electrical Wiring diagrams Remy International is engineering the future of the vehicle industry 1 liter V6 engine & 1999-2001 3 236 came w/a Delco Remy 10SI alternator (based on wiring diagrams) and were very good alternators w/spare parts available worldwide I will try to add 2-4 new diagrams every day I will try to add 2-4 new. Another point is the 560 ohm resistor inline from the ignition switch which assures that the alternator will start charging. Also, make sure the power cable is large enough (6 ga min) and that you have a fuse or a fuse link inline between alternator and solenoid. I have found one other person who has installed a 3G on an FE engine. Scout 80 with alternator circuit diagram 106kb These are about $150 01 Specifications 1113276R3 28MT - 12V - 3,0kW Retroescavadeira Case 580L, 580LS e 580L SE Delco type 28Si series 200 amp alternator Delco type 28Si series 200 amp alternator. 1955 chevrolet directional signals, neutral safety and backup switches [268 KB] 1955 chevrolet. Sponsor: Episode 45 Season 2 Getting 95 amps: Alternator upgrades without hacking your main harnessHome page:

BTW, Rancheromac, the pulley swap is easy and straight forward. Some V belt pulley's have a built-in spacer on the rear of the pulley, another type will need a separate spacer to clear the front of the 3G's housing. ... looks like this special regulator allows the use of the factory wiring and ammeter gauge while using a 3g alternator. http. 8L) engine 100 amp rating custom wiring required to swap to 3G (kits available from pa-performance Mine is out of a 92' C2500, 120AMP alt This AC voltage is converted to DC voltage by Diode [CR1], Resistor [R1], and Capacitor [C1] and is applied to the "Hold Relay" coil [K2] Various fixes are: - APC cable or equivalent (plugs in between the OEM. On to the swap! First disconnect the battery. Obviously the next step is to remove the original alternator. First remove the belt, then remove the top alternator bolt, then the long bottom bolt and the alternator should wiggle out. Simply disconnect the battery, drive belt, remove the wiring from the old alternator, and remove the bolts that secure the 1G alternator. Install the 3G using the original lower (long) bolt and at the tab, either a metric bolt, or if you chose to re-thread the tab, the original 3/8"-18 bolt. Wiring. Ok, alternator took a dump the other day and I need to get a new one put in... BTW - 2003 RR HSE w/ 4.4 & around 82K on the clock. DIY Alternator Swap. Jump to Latest Follow. Search: Alternator Exciter Wire Resistor. Just connect the wire to a ignition "key on" source The alternator has tested fine and the bulb has been swapped out with a know good bulb ,so, that leaves the wiring at the blue wire It should be 12 volts The resistor from the Battery terminal to the regulator terminal applies a small current to the rotor coil causes a small magnetic field to start. The first G-series was the 1G externally regulated alternator. The 2G was the second, but uses a power plug instead of battery posts and cannot be upgraded. Usually swapped to the 3G Series which is still in use and is easily upgraded. 4G series used in some applications where the 6G series would not fit. 4G used on some Crown Victoria and has. Well, I have had two 2002 Quest alternators for the swap show up like this with the wrong wiring points (the Quest plug has 3 pins and the positive lug is... Quest Alternator Swap = Fail. Jump to Latest Follow.

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